Who better to hear from than a parent of a Youth Corps participant?

Below is a brief conversation with Laura Newman. Her daughter Sarah participated in Youth Corps three years ago. Today, Sarah attends the University of South Carolina Honors College and is pursuing a nursing career.

How did you originally learn about Youth Corps?

Family friends’ kids participated, and I enjoyed following their adventurous year in Youth Corps. I thought it was the missing link to what kids need to get their perspectives broadened.

Did you, or your child pursue their Youth Corps participation?

My first child wanted to participate because her friend had been accepted. I was supportive because I had vicariously followed the Youth Corps year through different mutual friends. My other children can’t wait to apply and run their own businesses. YC is just part of our lives now!

How do you feel Youth Corps impacted your child’s life?

They are being equipped to know what to do when they walk in a room regardless of how organized, how many people, or who is in the room. They have a fantastic understanding of nine significant vocations and contacts who will welcome them should they decide to pursue any of those vocations later in life.

Did it change the path you thought their future would take?

Yes, I thought my first child would be a quiet, shy person as an adult. Youth Corps changed that.

What is the greatest take away for you as a parent of a Youth Corps graduate?

Pride in their understanding of the business world, compassion for others, and the ability to lead from behind or out in front.